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2012 China (Hunan) Red Travel Festival Kicks off in Chaling County

Themed as “Witness the Establishment of Chaling Soviet Government”, the 2012 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Festival was launched in the former site of Chaling soviet government–the first county-level soviet government on May 30.

At the opening ceremony, an art show was displayed, which was divided into three chapters, i.e. “Establish Red Chaling (Soviet Government)”, “Witness Happy Hunan”, “Experience Wonderful China”. Famous singers Jiang Dawei, Liu Yizhen and Lin Yilun staged and led the art show to a climax.

At the festival, 100 new couples had a group wedding ceremony in Yunyang Mountain. Xiong Jian, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau, witnessed their marriage. These new couples from all over the province had enrolled for the group wedding ceremony after seeing the solicitation notice broadcast by major media since mid-April.

After the art show, the promotion meeting of Chaling Tourism Products & Investment Projects was held in National Forest Park Yunyang Mountain. Three key travel investment projects were signed including the Yunyang Mountain International Outward Bound Center Project. Twenty-five professional tea enterprises from all over the country signed the settling-in agreement.

Lu Jianping, director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, officially declared the opening of the festival. Vice governor He Baoxiang hosted the opening ceremony. Chen Junwen, secretary of the CPC Zhuzhou Municipal Committee and Wang Qun, mayor of Zhuzhou, attended the ceremony.

Translator: Zhan Ping

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal