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The 6th Hunan Businessmen Convention Draws its Curtain

On September 27th, The 6th Hunan Economic Cooperation Symposium & Hunan Businessmen Convention draws its curtain in Zhuzhou. Lasted for one and a half days, there are 174 projects signed with a total canalized funds of RMB115.873 billion. The next Hunan Businessmen Convention will be held in Shaoyang in 2015.

This convention has attracted famous enterprise representatives, central enterprises and domestic private enterprises representatives from 176 Hunan nonlocal chamber of commerce both at home and abroad, and 1,200 personnel from 48 delegations in Hunan.

Among The 174 signed projects and canalized funds of RMB115.873 billion, there are 92 provincial projects with a canalized fund of RMB76.612 billion. Zhuzhou has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Microsoft, becoming the first city in midland that has settled long-term cooperation relations with Microsoft. Besides, through economic negotiation and investment survey, there is hope for future cooperation.

Since the hold of the first Hunan Businessmen Convention in 2007, The gathering of Hunan businessmen across the world has become a vital project incubator for Hunan, as well as acted as a window for promoting, recommending Hunan and expanding the reform and opening-up. Embodied 196 Hunan foreign chamber commerce, The Hunan foreign chamber of commerce association has officially established. It has collected RMB10 billion for the Hunan businessmen investment and development fund, which will be utilized to invest in entity projects in Hunan after the close of convention.

By Crystal