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First National Chinese Opera Cultural Travel Scenic Spot Opened in Hunan

On the opening ceremony of the first national opera cultural travel scenic spot that located in Xinkang village, Wangcheng county,Changsha, The Chinese famous singer–Li guyi gives her voice in here. Her songs put the ceremony to a new height. Xiao yayu, A leader from Hunan attends the ceremony.

Xinkang village has been “The hometown of Chinese opera” along the Xiang River since ancient time where the local famous Earth and Flower Drum(A folk dance popular in the Changjiang valley) has a history of over 200 years. In order to explore Xinkang’s history and culture inheritance, re-prosper Chinese opera and enrich citizens’ cultural life, by taking “Gathering counties and improving quality and upgarding” as an enter point, focusing on “Opera” theme, activating “Opera” cultural industry, Wangcheng has built a opera-flavored county that matched with nearby ancient counties and has the feature of Jiangnan watertown.“Seeking for antiquity in Jinggang ancient town, eating fish in Qiaokou, appreciating opera in Xinkang and playing pottery in Tongguan” has become a special travel business card for Wangchen.

In the newly-opened opera wax work museum, Li guyi makes the journalist take a picture with her waxen image in young age after seeing her waxen image with ponytail in the opera Tinkering A Pan. She says it has great importance in Wangcheng’s action when Chinese opera facing a sluggish situation; by utilizing the platform of the hometown of Chinese opera, more opera stars and playgoers can be cultivated.

Xiaoping Tan, secretary of Wangchen district party committee presents on the road to develop Xinxiang opera hometown, it is another major practice to implement the idea:“The more nationalized, the more international; the more remote, the more fresh; the more special, the more popular”.

On the “China Xinkang Chinese Opera cultural Week” from September 26 to September 30, A carefully-prepared “Cultural feast” will be presented to tourists.

By Crystal