The 2nd World Wing Outfit Flight Championship Kicks off on Oct 12th

Source has learned “The 2rd Red Bull Wing Outfit Flight World Championship” kicks off at Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount from Oct 12th to Oct 13th. 14 world masters of wing outfit flight from 7 countries gather at the top mountain of Tianmen Mount to contend for the highest honor of “The 2013 King of Wing Outfit Flight”. Due to the misfortune of Viktor Kovats, Peter·Wert ball quits the contest for the sake of his memory and respect to Viktor Kovats. Iro·Seppanen, The chairman of world wing outfit flight association attends the meeting.

Held by world wing outfit flight association and Zhangjiajie people’s government, The contest falls into two parts: knockout match and finals. Every player has two rounds in every part and the best score of the two rounds will be taken as the score in the contest for ranking. The top eight players have the right to enter the finals. During the finals, the top three will be assessed per their scores.

“We all feel very sorry for the misfortune on Viktor Kovats. On the second day of his pass-away, we presented a bouquet for his. We all think that the best way to commemorate him is to resume the contest. So the contest will start per the flying route in last year” Iro·Seppanen comments.

During the conference, all players draw lots for order of flying. Dan·Vicari from New Zealand becomes the first playing player and the Ellen·Brennan from America is the 12th player and the only women player.

Over 40 media attend the conference, such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, HNTV, HK Ta Kung Pao and HK Wen wei po. It is said that will start the image-text broadcast for the contest(Finals).

By Crystal