“Dreaming in Zhangjiajie”China First National Forest Park Theme Film Screened

On Oct 12th, Dreaming in Zhangjiajie, A film that reflects the development and transition of the National Forest Park in China is released on the opening ceremony of 2013 China·Hunan·Zhangjiajie International Forest Protection Day.

Set background by Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Dreaming in Zhangjiajie narrates the striving story of the several forestry men for generations in Zhangjiajie, and then reproduces Zhangjiajie’s turnout from a common state-owned forestry center into the first national forest park and finally becomes a world wide famous travelling city. It eulogizes the moving deeds of the national forestry men. The film not only adds sad and sentimental love story, reveals the encouraging spirit of China forestry men, and also presents Zhangjiajie’s folk customs, Tujia culture and gorgeous scenery.

Joint filmed by China film association and Beijing Colorful Sight Film and TV Media Co.,Ltd, presented by Kang jianming, The secretary of party committee of China film association, Dreaming in Zhangjiajie is directed by great director Tang liuyi and played by national topmost actor Sang zongzhong and famous young actor Liu mu.

Most audience have great expectations to the film and hope Dreaming in Zhangjiajie can stir up a “Zhangjiajie Heat” in the whole world as the fim Avatar did.

By Crystal