Zhangjiajie Sangzhi is Positively Declaring the 4th Batch of Intangible Cultural Heritag

Recently, Zhangjiajie Sangzhi county’s declaring of 4th batch of intangible cultural heritage lists goes well.

This time, The projects involved in the declaring work are Sangzhi festival lantern, Bai Nationality’s youshen and Sangzhi funeral dancing. Since the beginning of the declaring, Sangzhi County organized a specialized team to collect related information and get to know the real situation of the declaring lists in value, influence, endangered condition, inherit and so on. Up to now, the work keeps going smoothly.

At present, There are 2 national intangible lists and 3 provincial lists. All the time, Sangzhi County tries to innovative practice and have much experience now. The declaring work will also drive the development of tourist industry.

Translated by Becky