Zhangjiajie “Peak Shifting and Preference” Responses to Tourists Peak

On Oct 2nd, When the journalist comes to some attractions in Zhangjiajie, he finds although tourists arrive in flood, there is no over-crowd and queue-up for long time. According to the introduction from the staff in the ticket station of the National Forest Park, thanks to the measurement of “Peak Shifting and Preference” to response to the tourists peak, during the “Golden Week” in this year, the travel order in Zhangjiajie turns a better situation and tourists also have a good time in here.

Peng fayong, the director of Zhangjiajie Price Bureau indicates on Oct 3rd of last year, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan was teemed with tourists with over 100,000 tourists packed on all attractions. It took five hours to queue up in Tainzi Mount ropeway and the Dragon Ladder and tourists were not satisfied nor felt secured. In order to dredge tourists flow and shift peak, on the mid-Sep this year, with the approval from the NDRC, the Hunan Price Bureau decided to implement “Peak Shifting and Preference” of 20% discount on the ticket of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic spots from Oct 8th to Oct 14th. At the same time, during the holiday, Zhangjiajie organizes over 10,000 cadres and 1,000 young volunteers to service tourists in A-list attractions, forbidding official vehicles for driving without business activities and free admission of parking lot for self-driving travel.

For the sake of more benefits for tourists, Zhangjiajie plans to carry out preferential policy to global tourists during the “World Natural heritage Week” at the time from Christmas in this year to next New Year’s Day.

By Crystal