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The 13th China (Shimen) Citrus Festival Kicks off in Changsha

Source from propaganda office of Shimen has learned that 13th China (Shimen) Citrus Festival officially kicks off in Changsha on September 13th with a series of activities “Happy Shimen, Full dream in citrus homeland” lasting to the end of December.

Hunan Shimen has grown citrus since the ancient time. After thousands years of cultivation, There are 440,000mus with 400,000tons output and 700 million yuan of the total value. Shimen also has been honored many titles and its products have been sold out to 16 countries and regions in Southeast Asia.

After The first citrus festival was held in 2001, every year’s citrus festival has become “A feast for citrus industry, A festival for citrus farmer, A window for recommendation and an engine for income increase” Themed with “Happy Shimen, Full dream in citrus homeland” and tagged with its event slogan “Citrus in Shimen matures” The 2013 13th China (Shimen) Citrus Festival is to promote sales, travel and propaganda through festival, which may result in an effect of increase sales and promote Shimen.

The activity falls into three parts: “Dream starts in orange beach, pursuit dream in alien land, full dream in citrus homeland” “Dream starts in orange beach–Shi men citrus prospers in orange beach” activity kicks of its press conference of journey in citrus homeland–orange beach of Changsha,where propaganda film of Shimen will be presented, “Three nets and one ring tone” platform is be initiated, and travel agencies are invited to start the journey in Shimen and folk customs performances will be played.

“Pursuit dream in alien land–Shimen citrus goes to abroad” falls into two major parts: one is butt joint of production and sale: Shimen citrus comes to China-Russia border trade port on September 19th; visits Shanghai on September 26th and goes to ten major farmer markets; The second is to present Shimen tangerine to Xichang cosmodrome and Qindao Jiaolong base, on behalf of Shimen citrus cooperation. “Full dream in citrus homeland–Shimen citrus matures” falls into three major parts. On afternoon of October 10th, townships(Including communities, Citrus cooperations and civil performance teams) will make civil unique technique displays and a citrus procession from Good Hope hotel to sports center. At 11:30—12:30 of October 10th, the opening ceremony of citrus festival is held in the county’s sports center, and the county television and Shimen news network will broadcast. Besides, there are five supporting activities in the citrus festival: Ecological agriculture & sideline products exhibition of Shimen county, train for citrus broker, China Citrus Festival going to BDA, China citrus festival going to new products appraising meeting and marketing summing-up meeting of Shimen citrus.

Photo of previous citrus festival

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