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Hengyang to Boost Travel via Hengshan Mountain Travel Economic Circle

The comprehensive planning outline of the Hengshan Mountain Tourism Economic Circle was revealed at the end of August, which marks the project’s entering into the actual operation phase.

The circle aims to build a comprehensive travel pattern with one mountain, one river and one city integrated harmoniously. With Hengshan Mountain as the lead, Xiangjiang River the linkage, Hengyang’s urban area the center, the travel pattern is to radiate other counties and cities in Hunan.

Its construction will integrate travel resources of districts, counties and cities in the area, and plan travel development in this region as a whole, forging it into a comprehensive travel circle integrating religion culture experience, ecological leisure vacation and recreational sports. In this way, the transformation and upgrade of the travel from “sightseeing products” to “leisure-vacation compounding products”, and from Hengshan Mountain travel’s absolute leading to Hengshan Mountain travel and city travel’s joint leading can be realized.

According to Director of the Hengyang Municipal Tourism Bureau Peng Youping, a batch of key travel projects including the Hengshan Agricultural Leisure Sight-seeing Park and the Hengshan Bamboo Sea has already signed contracts. Besides, the development of the Hengyang section of the Xiangjiang River is developing steadily. He said that the economic circle is expected to meet International travel service standards, with its industrial scale, structure, service quality and comprehensive profits reaching advanced level in world travel.

Translator:Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal