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Zhangjiajie’s New Brand with Adventures

On Oct 10th, Gao jianguo, Vice president of Municipal Consultative Conference, has come to Qing feng Gorge in Wulingyuan Zhonghu Town, Together with part of its members, To research on the promotion of Zhangjiajie’s outdoor travel activities and held a symposium.

Zhangjiajie has invited experts from State General Administration of Sports of China and French Embassy in Chengdu to estimate the outdoor sports and travel programs along this year. On this conference, some professionals from Yangshuo,Guangxi Province have introduced their experiences on outdoor exploring activities and made some suggestions to Zhangjiajie’s development project of scientific researches and natural adventures. The experts group considers Zhangjiajie blessed with both sufficient travel resources and outdoor activities conditions is suitable to establish outdoor sports base. What needs to pay attention to is that the related department should make a long-term plan with a clear mind and strengthen the cooperation of some research institutions home and abroad.

By Brenda