Thailand Travel Administration Comes to Hunan for Selecting Programs

In the afternoon of September 24th, Deputy director general of goods and business bureau of Thailand Tourism Administration along with his accompanies appreciate ridotto–Macrown organizes by Hunan Song and Dance theatre co.,Ltd and think highly of Red Seedings Umbrella and Ghost Song for Love that with Hunan features.

The purpose for the arrival of Thailand personnel is to select programs for its 2014 Thailand “Happy Spring Festival”. According to the demands of Thailand, Hunan culture office recommends them to view and emulate the shows by Hunan Song and Dance theatre con.,Ltd. After their selection of programs in Changsha, they will visit Zhangjiajie to view Charming Western Hunan and Tianmen Fox Fairy-New Lihai Cutting Firewoods and other shows.

“Happy Spring Festival” is a Chinese Traditional festival that utilizing by the national culture bureau to build a cultural exchanges brand activity oriented to the outside world. Now it is basically decided that Hunan will visit Thailand for performance during the 2014 spring festival.

By Crystal