Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge is to Run High-altitude Strop Ropeway in October

It is reported that Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge is installing and debugging with the platform construction completed. As planned, it will officially run at the end of the October.

Started on June this year, the project will last 4 months with a total investigation of more than RMB 4.5 million. The one-way strop ropeway adopted gravity power traction technology which takes two cable-stayed tightwires as a passway, making guests making use of their own weight as a force to slides from Glass-made Experimental Bridge to Fantasies Behind the Pearly Curtain scenic spots. The strop ropeway has a length of 190 meters with a falling head of 21 meters. Since the whole facility uses on other energy resources, It is a low-carbon project.

The thrilling and exciting project not only provides a new interactive tourist method, but also reduces the journey of downhill. What’s more, it is likely to boost another new scenic area and economic growth in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon for the new strop ropeway linked some classic scenic resources like Bacon Pit and Swallow Cliff.

By Zumi