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SEF Chairman Lin Zhongsen visits Zhangjiajie

From September 14th to September 15th, Lin Zhongsen, The chairman of Taiwan Straits Exchanges Foundation comes to Zhangjiajie for inspection along with his accompanies. Feng bo, The director of Hunan’s Taiwan affairs office and Liu qun, the member of Zhangjiajie’s standing committee and the director of Zhangjiajie united front work office, and join this inspection.

On September 14th, Lin Zhong sen along with his accompanies visit Huangshi village, Yuanjiajie and Tianmen Mount and other scenic spots. They are deeply impressed by towering mountains and trees, and take photos whenever they come to a site.

During this inspection, Lin Zhong sen inquires the construction and management in the site. He says as Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery is unique, travel should be combined with public benefits when exploring resources, so that Zhangjiajie’s popularity can be expanded and enhanced. Besides, the communication and interacts between Zhangjiajie and Taiwan should be strengthened.

They also appreciate the large landscape live musician drama–Tianmen Fairy Fox–New Liuhai Cutting Firewoods. Lin Zhong sen holds the drama is successful combination of travel and ethnic culture.

On September 15th, Lin Zhong sen along with personnel from the foundation have a meeting with some representatives from Taiwan investment companies in Zhangjiajie. Lin Zhong sen says the communication and cooperation between mainland and Taiwan are more frequent with 19 agreements and 9 meetings came to reality. The two sides also have made great agreements on bilateral economic and trade cooperation, high school exchanges. The Taiwan Straits Exchanges Foundation will strengthen the work to Taiwan business in mainland, build up mechanism for DSB and establish offices on both sides, which will create more conditions for Taiwan businessmen. On the meeting, Lin Zhong sen conducts contacts and solutions about the questions that put by Taiwan businessmen.

By Crystal