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Hunan-Guangxi High-speed Railway to Facilitate Travel Development

The Hunan-Guangxi High-speed Railway is set to open to traffic on January 1, 2014. By then the travel time between Changsha and Nanning will be shortened from 15 hours to 6 hours. In an attempt to promote travel development, seven cities along the high-speed railway formed a travel cooperation alliance in Hengyang on September 13, setting up a fast and convenient travel route from Hunan to Guangxi.

The move is to follow the travel trend of taking high-speed railways and experiencing a slow-lifestyle journey. The seven cities, including Hengyang, Yongzhou, Guilin, Liuzhou, Laibin, Nanning and Chongzuo, will grasp the opportunities upon the opening of the high-speed railway, which offers a “golden path” for travel.

The seven cities in the alliance nominated their typical scenic spots for unified promotion. The first batch of scenic spots to be promoted includes Hengyang’s Shigu (Stone Drum) Academy, Yongzhou’s Jiuyishan Mountain, Guilin’s Xiangbizui (Elephant Trunk) Hill, Liuzhou’s Miao Village, Laibin’s Great Gorge, Nanjing’s Jiulong Waterfalls and Chongzuo’s Youyi (Friendship) Gate. According to the alliance agreement, after the opening of the Hunan-Guangxi High-speed Railway, these seven cities are supposed to set up travel service centers at the stations to promote the scenic spots and release important travel events.

Translator: Wang Xiaolu

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal