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2013 Zhangjiajie Music Week’s Landmark Attraction Favored by Tourists

When 2013 Zhangjiajie music week still remains its affection in the tourists’ heart, the opening ceremony stage of the music week triggers heat pursuit among tourists. On September 17th, tourists across the country take their cameras and take photos before the the opening ceremony stage.

With a cover of 500 square meters, the opening ceremony stage revealed to tourists on August 25th. It sets the background by towering mountains and with the Tujia Diaojiao building on the left side. On August 31, 30 foreign music bands gathered here to uncover the opening ceremony of the 2013 Zhangjiajie music week.

“When I saw the reports about Zhangjiajie music week on Hunan TV, I was impressed by the music week’s logo, especially the harmony between the stage and the surrounding scenery makes us feel very close to the music week” says a tourist from Shanghai.

The person in charge of Yellow Dragon Cave Investment Co., ltd that undertook the three Zhangjiajie international country music week indicates the country music week has become a infinite cultural symbol and settled in Zhangjiajie, and as a landmark attraction of the opening ceremony stage, it brings tourist a visual feeling and makes them feel more “Close to” the country music week.

By Crystal