Russia Jazz Ballet TODES Gives Shows in Changsha

Isn’t it very exciting to enjoy all kinds of dances in one time? At 8:00pm, Oct 22th, The Russia TODES–One of the three major dance troupes in Russia comes to Changsha to display the charm of all dances and bring a special dance classics to all citizens.

Recommended by Russian president Putin as “Russian Cultural Business card”, The Russsia TODES jazz and ballet dance troupe is the most famous modern dance troupe as well as the first Russian modern troupe that gains international reputation. The dance troupe–TODES, is the special dance team that serve for international superstars, such as Michael Jackson, Lady GaGa and Mariah Carey, and was once invited to give performance in the opening ceremony of Russia Sochi Winter Olypic Games and CCTV 2012 Spring Festival Gala.

On the show, Audience can enjoy all kinds of dance, such as ballet, jazz, disco, ballroom dance, tnunderbolt and hip-hop, including the excellent show of paying a tribut to Michael Jackson and a show authorised by Lady GaGa, classic ballet swan lake dance and complex acrobatics.

It is reported that from March, 2013 to Dec, 2013, Audience can enjoy elegant art classics in Hunan Grand Theater of Changsha.

By Crystal