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Zhangjiajie Suoxi River Water Landscape Project is in Full Swing

As reported, The first phase of Zhangjiajie Suoxi River Water project will cover an area of about 18,755 square meters. The project is estimated to invest 17.08 million yuan. The project may be completed at the end of this year.

Originating from Jinbian Brook, Suoxi River is the mother river and development axes of Wulingyuan district. Its ecological benefit and aesthetic value have irreplaceable status in the development of Wulingyuan scenic spot.

Wulingyuan Government entrusted Shanghai Hydraulic Engineering Design and Research Institute to plan and design Suoxi River water landscape project. The whole project will forge a special scenic belt along the river that collects waterfront landscape, tourist leisure, life relaxation and cultural leisure.

Translated by Becky