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Rural Picturesque Autumn Scenery in Wulingyuan Huanglongdong

When the autumn is coming, autumn feeling of the ecological square of Yellow Dragon Cave in wulingyuan scenic spot is gradually thick. The tree is turning red. The 23 acres of paddy field in ecological square with the color of golden yellow, and grain stoop like falx, the harvest is in sight. In the grain harvest scene, staff will put the grain into the rice thresher, a good harvest scene is in full swing.

The ecological square of Yellow Dragon Cave was built in 2009 and put into use. The construction process will turn green land reclamation into farmland, thus creating a new situation of Chinese travel industry. The ecological square is fulled with purple leaf rice, yellow leaf rice, black rice and fluorescence rice. In the end, it forming a unique scenery in the scenic spot.

Translated by Sophia