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“Sports stars” Liju, Gongruina Visited Yellow Dragon Cave

On September 5th, the former Olympic Games women’s doubles table tennis champion LiJu, former world badminton women’s singles champion GongRuiNa came to Yellow Dragon Cave in Wulingyuan scenic area. Cruising the ecological square of Yellow Dragon Cave, and praising the world cave wonders.

Li ju, GongRuiNa,the two “sports stars” has watched the large folk song and dance drama “misty rain zhangjiajie”. In the inside of Yellow Dragon Cave, Liju produced strong interest to ” magic cudgel “, marveling at the nature of the uncanny workmanship.The inside beauty of karst cave win full of praise, especially for the lifelike stalagmite, which has rich profound image, and each landscape can give visitors a imaginative space.

Translated by Sophia