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Zhangjiajie Government Travel Promotion Team Went to South Korea

On September 3rd, Zhangjiajie government travel promotion team of zhangjiajie arrived in Pusan,South Korea.

At this period, after visiting and discussion, with the efforts of zhangjiajie city, Busan tourist association and zhangjiajie travel association, Zhangjiajie signed a letter of intent for regular direct flights with eastern airlines. ZhengYaPing, on behalf of zhangjiajie travel association, made an agreement with the office director in Eastern airlines of Pusan, Korea, LiuKongXie. At the same time, conducting travel association President LiGenHou.

On September 6th, travel promotion team of zhangjiajie visited the South Korea sales department of Eastern airlines in Seoul. They made some friendly exchanges.

Translated by Sophia