Rucheng is Positively Preparing for Establishment of National Scenic Spot

Recently, Rucheng County of Chenzhou City is positively preparing for Reshui Tang River’s establishment of national scenic spot.

This year, Chenzhou City concentrated on building “China hot spring city”, Especially Rucheng hot spring. Financing 0.52 billion yuan on bettering environment, facility near hot spring. At the same time, They also integrated surrounding reservoirs, Huangdong sea of bamboos and other tourist resources in order to move toward the goal of declaring national scenic spot.

Planning area of Reshui Tang River covers about 108 square kilometers. On December, 2012, it ascended provincial scenic spot. Reshui Tang River scenic spot has abundant tourist resources, including the maximum water temperature, fastest flow of water, best water quality, and widest area.

At present, Exploited scenic spots in this area mainly includes 4A rated Fuquan mountain villa, Reshui river drifting, spring cultural park and so on.

Translated by Becky