Aizhai Bridge Selected into Middle School Geography Teaching Material

Recently, Source from E-PAL has released that Aizhai Bridge has been written into middle school geography teaching material. On Oct 25th, Experts from Xiangxi Prefecture Teaching Academy confirm this new.

In the Geography teaching material for Hunan version of eighth grade that approved in 2013, There are distinctive pictures of Aizhai Bridge in the first quarter of China Landform of the second chapter of China Natural Environment, Namely the 28th page. There are introductions on the geographic position and basic situations of the bridge below the picture. Finished at the end of March, 2012, Aizhai Bridge is located in Aizhai Town, Jishou City, Hunan. It spans across Dehang Grand Canyon, with 330 meters of relative height difference from the bridge floor to the valley bottom. Besides, the main span of the suspension bridge is 1,076 meters, Acting as the key link of collecting Hunan and Chengdu and Chongqing transportation. Its settle-up creates “Four world tops” and is regarded the longest-span steel truss girder suspension bridge ascross valley in the world. Since its operation, it improves the local transportation and attracts more domestic and foreign tourists for sightseeing, Becoming a major attraction for travel in Xiangxi.

Source from:Hunan Tourism Bureau website

By Crystal