Hunan Published 4th Batch of Provincial Historical and Cultural Towns

Known from Hunan Cultural Relics Bureau, Hunan Government recently published the fourth batch of provincial historical and cultural towns and villages, Including 4 towns, 30 villages and 1 historical and cultural block.

Historical and cultural towns and villages all belong to precious non-renewable resources. Selected towns are Tantou Town and Simenqian Town in Longhui County, Lixiqiao Town in Suining County and Jinhe Town in Mayang County. There are 30 selected villages, including Chongmudang Village in Longhui County, Pingtan Village and Yutou Village in Dong Autonomous County of Tongdao, Laosicheng Village and Shuangfeng Village in Yunshun County ect. Besides, Tangshi Street in Dongping Town, Anhua County was selected as historical and cultural block.

As reported, These historical villages, block and towns will be protected on the basis of conservation regulation of historical villages and towns.

Translated by Becky