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One Night in Xiangxi Qianzhou City

When the setting sun fades away and myriad lights bright up,I take my trip tonight to Qianzhou—an ancient and secluded city,situated in Jishou.Qianzhou city is as time-honored as Phoenix,but more eremitic.

Sleepless is Qianzhou city Tonight.

Walking around Renmin Square ,the biggest one in Jishou, for me , groups of leisured people dancing to the music is a most joyful scene .They are inebriated by line dance and forget all their tire in the daytime.

Secluded is Qianzhou city Tonight.

Qianzhou ,a tranquil city without commercialized bar streets, no bustling with crowds.It blossoms as a flower in spring who is indifferent to fame and wealth.What we can see in Qianzhou is the ancient streets,walls and unsophisticated folk customs.

Charming is Qianzhou city Tonight.

Wandering in Qianzhou city,breeze kisses my face, twinkling lights and sparkling stars dance to the music played by running water in Wanrong River.How I wish myself is a poet at this moment for I want to remember the charming Qianzhou city with enteral word.

One night in Qianzhou city,I quietly leave ,as quietly as I come .Unforgettable is my memory of it ,lasting forever as I never leave.

Sourced and translated by Aileen