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800 Mln Yuan Invested to Build a Travel Fishing Park in Changsha

The government of Wangcheng District of Changsha reached an agreement with Hunan Baile Culture Investment Co., Ltd. on the construction of a fishing park in Qiaokou Town on May 4.

According to the agreement, 800 million yuan is to be injected to the fishing park in accordance with the standard of the state 5A-class tourist area and the state cultural industry park demonstration base. Based on Chinese fishing culture, the park aims to develop a “water culture park for travel and relaxation in southern China” to highlight cultural travel . Accordingly, Qiaokou Town will be integrated with the tourist resources of neighboring area like Tongguan Ancient Town and Jinggang Ancient Town to create a tourist zone carrying the features of ancient towns.

The project is expected to purchase 600 mu (about 40 hectares) state-owned land and rent 1,500 mu (about 100 hectares) lakes and pools as well as the 1,500 mu Liuyezhou, a desert island in the Xiangjiang River, with its total area amounting to 3,600 mu (about 240 hectares). Eight theme parks such as historical sites park, amusement park on land and that over water will be included in this project.

Besides, “Exhibition hall of fish variety in Dongting Lake”, “Hall for tropical fish appreciation”, “Science garden for teenagers” and a five-star vacation hotel with special architectures like water bungalow and timber hanging house as well as the biggest expand training base are covered in the design.

Translator: Wang Bilian

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal