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Memory of Golden Whip Stream in Zhangjiajie

Though time flies quickly, all of a sudden, almost half a year has gone, my memory of Golden Whip Stream (one of the well-known scenery spots in National Forest Park) still haunts in my mind now and then. Last autumn, together with my friends, we went to Golden Whip Stream.

Walking on the refreshing footpath along the Golden Whip Stream, letting breeze kiss our cheek gently, the feeling of content came to us soon. Rapidly, the tire caught by the long-time bus riding left us. We were attracted by the appealing scenery there. Surrounded by all kinds of trees as well as colorful flowers, we were busy looking around for fear of missing a part of the beauty in the twinkling of an eye.

Maybe because of the pleasant weather, hundreds of visitors from home and abroad visited here, joyfully lively. Now and then, laughter, just like musical note, entered our ears. Seeing the harmonious scene that many people played in the stream, children and adults, we three finally couldn’t help joining that big collective. The stream was so clear that we could see the bottom easily. Abundant fishes swam in water happily and freely. In order to mark this unforgettable sight, many visitors chose to take photos, so did us. Also, kids were interested in those beautiful fishes and tried to catch them, obviously, they failed again and again. However, they enjoyed doing so. Perhaps this was enough. At the same time, some parents sat near the stream, resting or seeing their kids. What a leisure image it presented. Since time was limited, we had to go back unwillingly at last. Nothing took away, but consistently, full happiness.

As far as I am concerned, no matter what happens to a person at the moment, a visit to Golden Whip Stream can make him relax. Smiling faces are commonly seen here.

Sourced and translated by Becky