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Nine Guests Show Their Views in the Culture Forum of 2013 Zhangjiajie Music Week

On September 1st, “2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week Culture Forum” is observed grandly in Hallelujah music hall of Yellow Dragon Cave, Wulingyuan scenic spot. Xu yousheng, A member of Hunan standing committee and the director of Hunan propaganda sector, and other eight guest from different circles deliver their advice to Zhangjiajie’s culture and travel development in terms of music, entertainment, photography, chess, geography and architecture.

It is said this is the first culture forum since the music week has been held for three times and Zhang dandan, the famous compere in Hunan hosts the forum. It is worth mentioning that these nine guests have tightly bound to Zhangjiajie. Xu yousheng have been Zhangjiajie for many times and pays much attention to Zhangjiajie’s culture development; Yang guangrong, Zhangjiajie Municipal Party Committee Secretary, is scholar-oriented officer who has studied on the development road to culture and travel; Gao xiaosong is the art director of the music week; Yu kongjian who is the first doctor that studied in America and the professor of Peking University designed the Hallelujah music hall; Mei yuanshuai, the creator of live show developed and directors the first landscape live musical drama in the world…

After the forum started, nine guests actively come up with suggestions to Zhangjiajie’s culture and travel development and may a brighter future to Zhangjiajie. The guests’ wonderful speech and unique views push the atmosphere to a new high and arise blasts of applauses.

By Crystal