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Deputy Minister of Culture Ministry Inspected Zhangjiajie Intangible Cultural Heritage

Recently, taking advantage of attending 2013 Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, Deputy minister of Culture Ministry Dongwei came to inspect Zhangjiajie intangible cultural heritage. Director of Hunan Department of Culture Zhu Jiangang, vice director of Hunan Department of Culture Xiao Lingzhi and deputy mayor of Zhangjiajie City Tian Huayu also participated in the investigation.

According to statistics, Now Zhangjiajie owns 10 kinds, more than 730 intangible cultural heritages, such as folk music, folk dance and traditional manual skills and so on. There are 433 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage above the county level. Sangzhi folk songs, Zhangjiajie Yang Opera, Bai Zhanggu dance have been listed in national intangible cultural heritages protection catalogue.

In Tujia Folk Customs Park, Dongwei watched Tujia waving dance, Maogusi, Nuoyuan Opera and other folk performances and visited some traditional displays of Tujia wedding customs, Tujia headwear and costumes, batik and picture-weaving in silk. Dong Wei fully confirmed Zhangjiajie’s inheritance and protection work in the field of intangible cultural heritage and encouraged all performers to keep carrying forward national treasures in the future.

Translated by Becky