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CCTV Comes to Lianyuan for Cultural Travel Feature Film

Unique Mei river scenic spot, “King of Medicine Mount”–Longshan national forest park, “Millennium ancient town”–former home groups of Hunan Army…These scenic spots and essences of cultural heritages are taken into shot by The Home Village Column of CCTV, as its materials of feature film. According to Moqifeng, the scenarist of the column, this program has come to the last period of production and will present soon before.

The materials gathering for Home Village feature film lasts for 39 days from July 23 to August 30, including 23 days fro field shot.

Five people including the scenarist joins the shot and over 2,000 crews, assistant personnel and figurants from Lianyuan city take part in the shot. There are 300 scenes and 4,000 sets of shots with a total camera time of 972 minutes.

According to Mo qifeng, it is planed to shot for ten days with the Mei river scenery and folk customs as major parts.

“But when explore the sites, we discover that the natural scenery and folk culture there are worth recommending, so our shot fields are expanding with the ultimate 13 scenic regions, 120 scenic spots, 12 intangible cultural heritages and folk cultures, which turn the materials into a sixteen-hour film.”

It is reported that it is not the first time for The Home Village Column of CCTV to come to Lianyuan. It broadcasted Three Odds of Yang jia tan and Millennium Ancient Town Yangjiatan on April 16 and August 6 respectively, which arose unprecedented attention to Lianyuan’s beautiful natural scenery and massive folk culture by different social circles.

Besides, Home Village Column will offer these materials that gathered in Lianyuan this year to Lianyuan city for making travel image advertising video freely.

By Crystal