New Train Schedule to Take Effect Since July 1

According to the Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation on June 11, a new train timetable is expected to be put into use since July 1. The high-speed rail from Changsha to Tianjin shall be firstly launched and such high-speed trains from Changsha to Yongzhou will be increased to eight.

High-speed rails running between Changsha and Tianjin include G294/1 (departure from Changsha at 8:25 and arrive at Tianjin at 17:40) and G292/3 (departure from Tianjin at 9:32 and arrive at Changsha at 18:15). The whole journey covers stops including Yueyang East, Wuhan, Hefei, Jinan West and Cangzhou West.

High-speed Trains from Changsha South Railway Station to Qingdao Station will also be increased. Some trains will be stopped or adjusted on stops, routes and time. Specific information is accessible through announcements at railway stations and trains, the official website of Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation, and the service call of 12306.

Translator: Zhu Mengxia

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal