Russian Travel Magazine Shot in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

On June 9th, Russian famous travel magazine CONTINENT EXPEDITION sent two female photographers to make a special trip to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area. In the first half of next year, The magazine will be published in Russia to introduce China’s travel books, Which highlights the rare world natural heritage Zhangjiajie landform.

On the same day, Two Russian female photographers came to Tianzi mountain, Water around the four doors, Huangshi village, Yuanjiajie, and focused on Dragon ladder. Ethereal rain clouds scene became a view to the two women photographers.

According to the responsible shooting journalists Ptushkina Nataliia introduction, The Russian is very yearning to Zhangjiajie. To provide citizens with reference to travel to China, CONTINENT EXPEDITION magazine will use half a year’s time to edit an introduction of China’s travel books, letting more Russians understand China’s unique travel resources.

It is very famous in February this year, Russia’s free time delay photographer Pradko Artsem and azhwik Dmitry produced a reflect the hoodoo ice of Wulingyuan, causing a strong repercussion in the Russian photography. Since this year, Russia has several batches of photography teamsto come into Wulingyuan scenic area.

Translated by Sophia