Zhangjiajie Clouds Wonderland Will Show on Fantasy Movie “Zhongkui Kills Ghosts”

On June 7th to 9th, 3D fantasy blockbuster “Zhongkui Kills Ghosts” Will use 3D scene shooting to describe Zhangjiajie landform scenery.

During this period, The staff of “Zhongkui Kills Ghosts” will inspect Wulingyuan Tianzishan mountain, Yangjiajie, Yuanjiajie and Ten-mile galleries. Along the way, people absolutely praise the beauty of natural scenery, Especially the cloud wonderland which is accord with the plot.

“Zhongkui Kills Ghosts” has a big international media investment about 200 million yuan in 2014. By using the world’s most advanced 3AlityTS5 camera all the way. It will implement the domestic first cooperation with New Zealand’s WETA workshop of the world’s top special effects company further, Combining reality show and dynamic virtual capture.

Translated by Sophia