Mr Liyugang Intoxicated in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenery

On March 21th to 22th, Chinese national first-level actor Mr Liyugang appeared in Zhangjiajie, Reveling in the rare Zhangjiajie natural landscapes and unique folk customs.

Mr Liyugang enjoyed Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie and the large national performing arts “Zhangjiajie, Charming Xiangxi”. When he entered into Zhangjiajie, He felt the beauty of nature beyond imagination, Experiencing the beauty of the folk culture.

Mr Liyugang, is a famous singer, actor and artists. On the stage, He has shuttled in men and women. His special performance combines the Chinese national art, The traditional artistic elements with drama and opera as a whole.

Translated by Sophia