Xiangxi Folk Sitcom “Misty Rain Phoenix” will be staged in Fenghuang

On March 19th, The ancient phoenix city dream theater has finished. As 2014 provincial key projects in Big-xiangxi cultural travel industry integration development, It marks the large global unique folk drama “Misty rain phoenix” has been officially declared. It is reported, the fastest show will be in 30th late this month.

On this stage, It has the typical batiks suspension picture, with a combination of tujia sealand karp design elements, constituting a volley of tableaux. Strong colors give a strong visual impact feeling. Stretches of mountains and flowing river are dotted with the diaojiao building, as if a moved legend.

With a total investment of about 80 million yuan, It covers an area of 16 acres. As a western cultural travel industry integration development key projects, The design concept shows both national culture characteristic, And the humanistic spirit of the phoenix. According to the design, The whole theatre can hold two thousand five hundred people to watch performances at the same time.

Translated by Sophia