Zhangjiajie National Park Win Praises with First-class Ticket Booking Service

“Many scenic areas have been adopted with such booking tickets mode. It not only reduces tickets booking, but also costs less time to buy tickets. I support the one-stop service very much” Mr.Chen who is from Beijing said happily. It is said that National Forest Tickets Administration implemented one-stop service to offer domestic and foreign guests a convenient, fast and time-saving booking channel.

To build a good image of booking office, Create a new service platform, provide a safe and harmonious travel environment and accelerate the upgrade of travel, The Tickets Administration strove to carry out standardized, special and individual first-class service. The measures are as follows:

1.Advocate smiling service, Civilized usage as well as good manners. A standardized service with all-round consulting platform combined with network, On-site and communications.

2.Build an efficient ticket counter to meet the needs of guests, Especially for increasing self-driving guests. It combines network booking service with on-site booking service step by step. Besides, It adds more TVM(Ticket Vending Machine) and sets up 3 temporary ticket offices to cope with booking peak.

3.Provide a series of individual service for large teams like advance ticket booking and ticket collecting policy, Exclusive passage to the park, Offering Zhangjiajie publicity pictures albums as well as welcome logos on LED.

Translated by Zumi