Micro-Film《Beautiful Zhangjiajie》Serial Starting up

On Jan 5th, The micro film 《Beautiful Zhangjiajie》serial is held its boot ceremony.

Set the background by the beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie, The film combines the legend of every scenic spot with the local folk customs. The whole serial embodies over 100 episodes of the film, and every episode narrates one story and each of them is separated as well as integrated with each other. To finishing the whole serial film will take five years and the Hunan Television shooting team will be invited to produce it. The up-coming first episode of the film is 《Seek Dreams in Yuanjiajie》.

On the ceremony, The National Headquarter Economic Research Group delivers its congratulations and remarks Zhangjiajie’s shooting of micro film is to spread travel culture through micro film and thus it is the innovation of the propaganda of travel product as well as the exploration of the upgrade and update of travel & culture industry. Besides, it is the combination of traditional photography technology and the new media transmission tool and build up the new benchmark for Zhangjiajie to promote its travel culture.

Kong Yu, The director of the film indicates the camera crew will make a perfect combination of Zhangjiajie’s splendid scenery and its culture connotation through the shot; It will display the natural conditions and social customs of Zhangjiajie, And what the film is more important is to present human feelings to give people the enjoyment of beauty.

By Crystal