Top Photographers and Artists from China and Overseas PK in Zhangjiajie

A few days ago, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Tourism Administration signed an agreement with the International Photography Association, inviting top photographers and artists from China and overseas to PK in Zhangjiajie and then selecting top ten “The Best Photographers that Focus on Zhangjiajie” towards the global.

Per the agreement, from 2014 to 2020, Wulingyuan scenic spot will co-hold the three of Zhangjiajie & Wulingyuan International Photography Contest with International Photography Association for twice a year. In 2014, the first International Photography Contest themed with “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” will falls into four seasons to invite foreign photographers to come Zhangjiajie for creation.

The two parties also promise that International Photography Association set up branch in Zhangjiajie and carry out daliy communication and cooperation; Wulingyuan scenic spot will support International Photography Association to carry out photography activities in Zhangjiajie and give due support in policy and funds; for memberships who are up the 4 stars from International Photography Association, they will enjoy the same treatment as the China photographer memberships.

At the same time, in future, Wulingyuan scenic spot and the International Photography Association will rationally label the other’s logo, emblem, web link on each other’s marked position of the website, and authorize each other to reship the relevant information from the other’s website. The International Photography Association will fully take chance of developing various activities in China and abroad to recommend Zhangjiajie’s travel resources.

By Crystal