Zhangjiajie Winter Tourists are lucky to Witness Wonder of Rime and Glazed Ice

On 10th,January, Wulingyuan core scenic zone which is world natural heritage of Zhangjiajie ushered the first snow in 2014, which surprised tourists who came for viewing snow.

A tourguide said that this year’s snow arrives slower than former year. In the morning at the very day, It’s not clear to see snow because of heavy rain. Since the noon, snow on mountainssometimes appeared and sometimes hid itself by the blowing of wind, which on the contrary seems more charming and inviting.

According to weather forecast, Wulingyuan core scenic zone on 11st,January. Will appear a wonderful view of rime and glazed ice under the influence of cold air. At the present, recycable bus, elevator, small sightseeing train and slope are operating well. Slope of Tianzi Mountain scenic zone will recover operation on 12nd,January.

By Patricia