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Leaders of Overseas Chinese Organizations Visit Hunan

Chen Qian, president of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Britain exchanges Chinese traditional painting skill with local artists in Xiangtan city.

On April 11, after the global conference of overseas Chinese organizations was concluded in Beijing, more than one hundred leaders of the overseas Chinese organizations in 35 countries and regions including Australia, America,Brazil,Canada, Germany, Britain, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong came to Hunan for a 4-day tour. During the period, they will attend the Hunan Culture symposium and visit historical and cultural resorts in the province to experience the charm of Hunan Culture.

Xia Tingyuan, the 9th president of the European Chinese Association, suggested that Hunan should provide more chances for organizing groups to give lectures on Hunan culture worldwide so as to further promote Huxiang Culture.

From April 12 to 14, they have been visiting some humanities landscapes, such as Chairman Mao’s hometown Shaoshan, a county town about forty kilometers from Xiangtan, the Qi Baishi Memorial Hall in Xiangtan City and Hengshan Mountain in Hengyang City.

Leaders of overseas Chinese organizations are visiting Yuelu Academy.

They are taking photos in front of the Confucius statue in Yuelu Academy.

Leaders of overseas Chinese organizations bow to Chairman Mao’s bronze statue.

Translator: Zhan Ping

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal