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3D Misty Zhangjiajie won many high praises

It was a half -month period for trial performances of 3D Misty Zhangjiajie. Within it the program widely collected audiences’ suggestions in a bid to enrich its connotation. On the night of 15 April ,Misty Zhangjiajie welcomed many high praises .The whole theatre was filled to capacity. Audiences are agreed that the high-profiled plot,strong artistic quality and rich culture attract them most.

“There are three salient features of Misty Zhangjiajie . First is the time-honored and sweet love story .Then is the happy folk song with misty beauty.The third is the perfect combination of 3D special effects and stagecraft. “the scene manager introduced. The 3D Misty Zhangjiajie undoubtedly is an ideal access for more people to better understand and yearn for Zhangjiajie

Translated by Aileen