12 Overseas Chinese Media Experienced in Zhangjiajie

On October 23rd to 24th, Chargers along with senior reporters from 12 overseas Chinese media entered to Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, Starting the activity “Experiencing Charming Big Xiangxi Tour”. The media are from different countries, Such as Russia;Japan;Philippines;Indonesia;South Korea;Thailand;US;New Zealand;Malaysia.

Though traveling in person, Most of the representatives highly praised that the unique scenery of Zhangjiajie as well as special long cultural customs is very yearning. At the same time, They make a few sincere suggestions on how to develop overseas market and enhance the scenic management. Some of them even expressed that they would show the beauty and wonder of the city to more overseas friends by describing what they saw and thought after returning.

It is known that the tour group will visit other natural or cultural scenic spots in Big Xiangxi, like Phonix Ancient Town, Hongjiang Ancient Town, Weiyuan Former Residence.

Translated by Zumi