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Zhangjiajie low-carbon tourism activities had a great success

Thousands of people participated in 300000 kilometers low carbon mileage, releasing the original micro bo nearly 20000 pieces…On September 20th,The activity, “You process low carbon, I give subsidy ,with micro bo to look at sea ” of Wulingyuan run successfully.

Since June 28th, This activity attracted thousands of low carbon travel enthusiasts of hunan, hubei, chongqing, and other provinces, through the micro bo positively signed up to participate in. During participants, there is “single one”, “couples”, “father and son “, “close friends group”, “sweetheart” and so on. This activities not only enhanced the zhangjiajie travel brand image, and at the same time advocated health low carbon, ecological environmental protection concept of travelling.

“Happy health” is the promotional theme of travel this year. “Joy travel, enjoy health” as new idea of tourists all over the world. Around the theme, WuLingYuan relyed on abundant resources characteristic, creatively launched “You process low carbon, I give subsidy ,with micro bo to look at sea ” activities. The organic combination of micro bo and traveling, realized the network dialogue and interaction between travelers and organizers, significantly increasing the the attraction and appeal of activities.

Translated by Sophia