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Hunan’s Travel Revenue up to 223.41 Bln Yuan in 2012

Hunan’s travel revenue reached 223.41 billion yuan in 2012, increasing by 25.11% year on year and doubling that figure of 100 billion yuan in 2009. The number of domestic arrivals came to 303 million, bringing in travel revenue of 217.546 billion yuan, up 20.56% and 26.61% respectively. 

There are 481 travel projects under construction in Hunan, with a total investment of 358.7 billion yuan. The investment of 54.8 billion yuan was completed last year. Eighteen international top enterprises, such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and Marriott International, Inc., set up their branches in Hunan, with 13 under construction.

Hunan has set its goal of realizing a travel revenue of 263.6 billion yuan in 2013. It will strive to receive 2.47 million inbound tourists with a travel revenue of 1.02 billion USD, and 358 million domestic tourists. 

Translator: Lv Xuefen

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal