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Hunan’s Ice-snow World Attracts Record Number of Enthusiasts

A record number of domestic and overseas tourists swarmed into Hunan during the Spring Festival holiday, enjoying the fantastic ice-snow world arranged here. Convenience in terms of transportation makes many ice-snow lovers from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao choose the neighboring Hunan as their travel destination.

The magnificent silver thaws on Mangshan Mountain in Chenzhou and ice bloom in Mount Heng (Hunan) attracted large amount of tourists.   Zhangjiajie enjoyed the most popularity with its charming snow-covered tourist attractions and traditional Tujia customs. Hot springs resorts in the province were also seen crowded with vacationers.

Statistics released by Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau showed that the province received 7.627 million tourists during this golden week holiday, up 22.81% over the same period of the previous year. The higher growth rate indicates the increase of benefits created by holiday travel and the transformation of the province’s travel industry.  

Translator: Guo Yan 
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal