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Zhangjiajie After Spring Festival: We’re ready for Lantern Festival

“Each year when Lantern Festival arrives, I’ll take my grandson to join the crowd for fun. But for this, not until the specific time, we can not help enjoying the feast in advance!” Said a 70-year-old lady, Mrs. Wang, accompanied by her little grandson. On February 2nd, appreciating the glamorous festive lanterns, they even forgot the time.

The 2012 Lantern Festival will embrace a larger size and a greater content than usual, which theme is “Harmonious Zhangjiajie, Carnival of Lantern Festival”. There are mainly 3 shining part to enjoy, 1. “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter” themed lantern tunnel on Nanzheng St., Beizheng St., Renminnan Rd., Renminbei Rd., Jiefang Rd.; 2. Abundant types of shows on the 23 platforms scattered on Huilong Rd. and Nanzheng St.; 3. Shows of Dragon Lantern, Lion Lantern, and Gaohua Lantern etc. along the streets.

TIME: 19:00-23:00, on Feb.6th (the 15th of the first lunar month)

Translated By Misu Spark Lee
Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal