Hunan's First Public Bicycle Rental System Launched in Zhuzhou

Hunan's first public bicycle rental system was officially launched on Yan Emperor Square in Zhuzhou City on May 6.
By the end of May, Zhuzhou will have constructed at least four hundred rental stations, with ten thousand public bicycles available to citizens and needy non-natives. The full-coverage rental system is expected to alleviate the difficulty of"no bus on the last kilometer to home". Funded by Zhuzhou Municipal People's Government, the construction and operating costs of the system will be born on the public budget of the city.
According to Li Yijian, vice mayor of Zhuzhou, to guarantee efficient operation of the rental system, the city has carried out upgrading and reconstruction of bicycle-only lanes. In addition, the traffic police department is wasting no time in readjusting and improving road signs and markings in the city proper, and removing parking spaces on non-motorized lanes.

Translator: Zhang Minsi
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal