Jishou City has Successfully Declared Aizhai National Forest Park

A few days ago, Jishou Aizhan Forest Park has been promoted to Hunan Aizhai National Forest Park. This is the first national forest park in Jishou city. At the same time, It is the third national forest park after Fenghuang Nanhua Mountain and Yongshun Buermen in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture.

Hunan Aizhai National Forest Park mainly consists of 3 independent districts Aizhai, Hong Mountain and Shenao. The overall planning area of this park is about 3383.5 hectares. Among it, Aizhai occupies about 1419.9 hectares, Hong Mountain occupies about 1428.0 hectares and Shenao takes for about 535.6 hectares. Area of forest land covers about 3075.7, which makes the forest overage rate 87.1%. Generally speaking, Hunan Aizhai National Forest Park is a mountain valley typed forest park that integrates “Special villages, Special bridges, Special stones and Special customs”.

Particular climate there makes Hunan Aizhai National Forest Park own dense woods, abundant plant covers and multiple species. Successful promotion of Aizhai Forest Park drives the popularity of JishouCity and offers a higher platform for creating a new ecological city.

Translated by Becky