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Hunan Provincial Museum Goes Online

Recently, combined with advanced 3-dimentional image production and multimedia information technology, digital exhibition halls of Hunan Provincial Museum (HPM) were officially on line. Logining the official website of HPM  and entering “Exhibition Hall on Line”, users can appreciate the items on display and enjoy their charms as if they were really in the hall.

The digital halls contain 330 exquisite exhibits in four halls, namely, exhibits of the Mawangdui Tombs of the Han Dynasty, exhibits of ancient pottery works from Hunan’s famous kilns, exhibits of bronze ware of the Shang Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty in Hunan and exhibits of Hunan’s top 10 newest archeological discoveries. On the basis of all live-action shooting, users can virtually wander the halls from all angles to appreciate all the items on display. Pictures of the items can be enlarged with a click and even the emblazonry on wares can be seen clearly. Pictures of 40 important items can be shown with high definition and 3-dimention. What’s more, the digital halls offer explanation with real voice.

Translator: Wang Rong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal