Hunan Listed as One of the 2014 Global Top Ten Travel Places

Recently, Lonely Planet (LP), The famous travelling book in the world appraises and elects the 2014 global top ten travel places, offering new directions for people who are searching the best travel destinations in their 2014. Among the top ten destinations, The natural scenery and humanistic connotation enchant LP’s travel experts.Hunan becomes China’s only province that selected into LP.

LP’s remark is: Hunan, China: the next hot travelling destination.

Bestowed with incomparable scenery, rich cultural connotation, some remote places of Hunan have not received much attention from the rest of world. Decades of years ago, Its northwest mountains were known among the local minorities. But now, a new-type transportation network that connected by high-speed rail, high expressway and non-stop flights facilitates domestic and foreign cities to arrive cities in Hunan. City of Sky, the highest skyscraper in the world and the first phase of the Changsha metro that covered large scale will be finished in 2014. The province that combined tradition and modern together may serve the reason for your journey.

Source from: Changsha Tourism Bureau Website

By Crystal