The 2nd China Shaddock Festival Unveils Its Opening Ceremony in Yongzhou

“Harmonious and happy homeland of shaddock, gathering in Jiangyong”. The 2nd China Shaddock Festival & Agricultural product Fair Opening Ceremony in Nanling Region kicks off in Fenghuang Square of Jiangyong County on the morning of Nov 11th. About 30,000 people who come from HK, Taiwan, Macao, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangdong and Jiangyong County merrily gather in here to observe the harvest. Shi yan ping, the member of Yongzhou standing committee, Shu ping, the member of city standing committee, Zheng bo shun, the deputy director of municipal people’s congress and Zhou xiu ying, The vice chairman of municipal political consultative conference attend the activity.

Situated in the southern border area of Xiangxi and Jiangyong is enrich in natural and cultural landscape and selenium. It is well-known by its thousands-year riddle of Jiangyong Nvshu, thousands-year of ancient village–Shang gan tang, Yao people’s honeland–“Qian jia dong” and as well as popular for “Five species in Jiangyong”. The county was honored successively “The Homeland of China Shaddock” and “The hometown of China henry steudnera tuber”.

In order to enable tourists to feel the unique charm of Jiangyong’s specialty, like shaddock, the festival carries out a series of activities, such as “Three-thousand-year of culture” self-driving, Picking shaddock journey, and tasting shaddock in taking part in “Pomelo orchard fruit party” and “Shaddock sports meeting”, inducing tourists to be hooked.

By Crystal